Why are Swedes so beautiful? 7 purely Scandinavian reasons

Why are Swedes so beautiful? 7 purely Scandinavian reasons

Swedes are rightfully called women who know how to age beautifully. But the point here is not at all in nature, but in the secrets of beauty and style that they successfully apply in life.

The Nordic beauty of the Swedes is usually light skin, blue eyes and blond hair. Scandinavians with truly angelic features can learn a lot. How exactly do Swedes differ from us?

Reason # 1: emphasize natural beauty with make-up

Swedes hate makeup that can be seen on the skin. The list also includes false and extended eyelashes, nails and hair. Therefore, they prefer makeup nude. The tonal tool ideally coincides with the skin tone, the shadows cannot be darker by more than three tones from the natural tone. All brilliant and color can be found only among the youngest Scandinavians, who are still at the stage of experiments.

Reason # 2: proud of their wrinkles

The Swedes are completely no fear of age-related changes – such is their education. Like many foreign women, Swedes are sure that every stage of life has its joys, and wrinkles cannot spoil beauty at all.

Moreover, cosmetologists believe that the wrinkles of Scandinavians and Russian girls are different. Swedes still have imprints of mimicry of happiness, but unfortunately, we have sadness, anxiety and excitement.

Reason # 3: clean the skin with steam, not scrubs

Swedes do not like peels and scrubs, believing that in this way the skin loses its protection in the form of subcutaneous fat. That is why the cornified particles, they try to remove only by steaming. Most often they keep their face above the sink with a stream of hot water, after which they apply the famous homemade Swedish mask: egg yolk and honey. It gives the Scandinavians treasured skin elasticity. If you want to repeat, then remember – the mask is suitable only for those girls who do not have capillaries on their face. And honey is quite a strong allergen.

Reason # 4: drink plenty of water

No, it’s not about wine, but about the healing power of the simplest drinks — water, herbal tea and lemonade. By the way, Swedes make lemonade themselves: pour chopped fruit with water without sugar.

Because of the climatic conditions, the Swedes are struggling with dry skin, drinking plenty of fluids a day. Therefore, they can often be seen with beautiful bottles (which have now become very popular in Russia) in the summer and with small thermoses in the winter.

Reason number 5: monitor their menu

Children in Sweden are protected from fast food, which is why there are practically no fat people here. To protect their delicate skin from nature (light skin is one of the most sensitive), Swedes try to use a large amount of omega-3 and omega-6 acids, which are found in fish and seafood. The fish menu in the family diet here prevails over the meat. The second essential component of the Swedish diet is berries: cloudberries, blackberries and wild rose. They are used in the production of juices and even anti-aging liqueurs.

Reason # 6: create intrigue with clothes

In the literal sense of the word. After all, the Swedes never get bare. Naturally, universal fashion is not alien to them, for example, to crop tops and short shorts. But women always follow the golden rule of combining short with high or long.

Reason # 7: Experimenting with Images

Moms not only try to cultivate the taste of their daughters since childhood, but also give them freedom of expression, without restricting the choice of daily bows. The ability to express oneself is a very important aspect in the life of every Swede.