What to wear when tired of following the trends

Focus not on trends and current things, but on comfort By the end of the year, women of fashion keep their finger on the pulse, because there is a series of reviews of trends, lists of spring must-haves and other joys of real fashion fans. But what if you are indifferent to everything listed? First of all, do not panic. Perhaps it is a matter of winter apathy, which has devoured you, – when thoughts are only about a warm blanket, but not about style. But even in this case, everything is fixable: focus not on trends and current things, but on comfort. Assess the condition of the shoes. Perhaps, on your shelves there are not the most comfortable boots or ankle boots, in which it is definitely risky to walk in frost and ice. Or have you bought yourself fashionable ugly shoes, and now you can not wear them? Better to pick up a pair of flat shoes – classic boots or rough shoes. They will save in bad weather and, most likely, will come to your wardrobe, no matter what you wear. Give up time for bright colors and complex cut. This does not mean that now black total bows – your hope and faith, rather the opposite. Look towards the beige scale. The number one thing is a good cashmere sweater in the feast and in the world. At work, in the theater, on a visit – such a sweater saves in any, even a sad situation, because it refreshes and looks expensive. Pay attention to the model sand, gray, white or pale pink shades. It is better to invest in a good thing once, than to look at jumpers with pellets every season. The same story with blouses: monochrome models of straight cut can be worn with anything and for any mood. Preference – silk options.