Salon at home: reduce spending

Going to the beautician requires serious financial investments, and you can repeat many of the procedures on your own. We have compiled a whole list for you Beauty requires effort, time and financial investments. However, frequent trips to the salon can fly you a lot of money, although many procedures you could do without leaving them at home, and the effect would not be much different from the work of a professional. In addition, you can spend as many sessions and at a time when it is convenient for you, and even inviting a friend to make it more fun. We picked up a few salon procedures, which absolutely can be repeated at home.


That’s really who will not remain without work, so this is a master of nail service. You yourself know that the procedure is recorded for almost a month, but this does not mean that you need to wait so much, and even give that kind of money for regular coverage (you agree, you are unlikely to cope with gel polish yourself) . Remember how you did it at a young age when you did not have the opportunity to visit the salon. Buy several types of files, liquid remover, favorite color and transparent coating-top, so that the lacquer lasts longer. Better yet, consult a consultant at a professional cosmetics store. It may not be going out the way you would like at first, but after a while you will succeed.

Facial Skin Care Procedures

All sorts of injections, biorevitalization, and especially procedures with threads, of course, need to be done by a specialist, and in the salon where doctors work, and not just cosmetologists. But the girls who need just a face cleaning or a mask can do on their own. All in the same store of professional cosmetics, you can purchase a special device-brush for manual cleaning, slightly concentrated peelings and scrubs. Various massage techniques will completely replace the vacuum procedure.