Procedures that can not be carried out in the spring

Procedures that can not be carried out in the spring

Some departures should be abandoned for a couple of seasons so as not to harm yourself.

In the spring, the sun becomes more active, which must be considered when choosing cosmetic procedures. Some of them can not be combined with sunbathing, otherwise you can get unwanted side effects. We will tell you which program visits should be postponed until better times.

Acid Peeling

For the treatment of acne and skin tone smoothing, beauticians often use acid peels of varying degrees of action. It is usually carried out at the end of autumn and in winter – at a time when the duration of a sunny day is the shortest. During the peeling procedure, the upper layer of the epidermis is removed, so that a new, fresh layer of skin is too “weak” for self-defense – with prolonged contact with ultraviolet radiation, it forms a protective pigmentation reaction. If you have recently done a peeling, then you should apply SPF 50 sunscreen before going out and update it every 2-3 hours.

Laser Hair Removal

Although there are no direct contraindications to the combination of tanning and laser, it is worth protecting the SPF 30 epilated areas so that the pigment spots do not appear. When epilating with a diode laser, it is not possible to tan 3 days before and after the procedure, with an Alexandrite laser, 7–10 days. If you have recently traveled to the sea or are planning to go soon, then postpone the start of the course of procedures until the autumn – the laser works better on pale skin, so you will notice the result more quickly.

Tattoo Removal

Knocking out a color pigment from a deep layer of skin is a traumatic procedure, so it is worth making it in the fall or winter, or protecting the skin with a tight bandage – sunscreen will not help here. During this period, it is better not to go to the sea, because salt water will become an additional irritant to the skin. Carefully lubricate the skin with panthenol to heal the injury more quickly.

Hair Coloring

It may seem strange that we do not recommend to be painted in the spring, although the majority of girls in anticipation of change go to the master at this particular time. However, we want to warn that hair under the influence of ultraviolet radiation dries faster – sunlight pulls moisture out of them, brightens hair. Imagine what happens if you decide to suddenly become a blonde during this period. To avoid hair loss and dryness, combine staining with a course of moisturizing hair procedures and use a spray with SPF.

Skin Grinding

A rejuvenating procedure that removes dead skin cells usually has a positive effect. However, as we noted above, a fresh layer of skin in the spring will not be able to withstand UV light. Most likely, the beautician will offer you to postpone the procedure at a later date and do something in return.

In general, melanin production is the body’s defensive response to ultraviolet radiation. The sun has a strong effect on the skin, causing premature aging and even neoplasms. Treat your health carefully and do not risk them in pursuit of beauty.