How to wear bright tights to not look tasteless

Tights and socks, it would seem, the smallest part of the wardrobe. However, thanks to these very elements, the image can significantly change and fall into the category of trend ones Bright Not every girl will decide to wear bright tights. And not only because he does not want to attract attention to himself. To combine such multi-colored options with clothing is very difficult. To avoid mistakes, just follow a few rules. First, choose midi or maxi skirts and dresses. Such models will look with bright tights much better than ultrashort options. Secondly, the color of the tights must be chosen very carefully: they must be combined with at least one element of your image. For example, if you pick tights in the color of your shoes, your legs will visually appear longer and slimmer. The same applies to outerwear: if the color of tights and coat is different, you risk visually spoiling the proportions of the figure. By the way, we warn: bright tights are not suitable for everyone! For girls with forms, it is better to avoid multi-colored models and choose darker and more muted ones. In addition, tights must be matte. Unnatural shine ruin any shape. Fishnet Wearing fishnet tights – as if walking on the razor’s edge: it is dangerous! But if you are not afraid of the risk, be sure to try. The main thing is not to get too carried away. If you combine fishnet tights with a mini-skirt, then unflattering offers and rude compliments cannot be avoided. However, it is necessary to wear a skirt below the knee, and everything changes dramatically! Since the lace tights themselves attract attention, the other elements of the image should be more restrained. A neutral color skirt and a relaxed sweater are perfect.