How to make the shape of the eyebrows perfect

Makeup artist Kelly Baker has been working in Hollywood for 17 years, where the girl is deservedly called the “fairy eyebrow.” Her list of clients includes the entire clan of Kardashian-Jenner, Shay Mitchell, Cardi Bee, Zendai, Ariana Grande, the cast of “Game of Thrones” and a dozen more stars. In Instagram, 600,000 followers follow Kelly’s life, and the cost of tickets to her master classes ranges from $ 150 to $ 599. Professional tips Kelly – in the material BeautyHack.

Push off your natural eyebrow shape

Baker never tries to change the natural shape of the eyebrows, but works with what nature has given. “I always improve what the client already has. With a pencil or powder for eyebrows, you can make the line more straight or lower the outer corner below to give the eyebrows a specific shape. “

Do not cut eyebrows by yourself

According to Kelly, this is one of the most frequent mistakes of girls: “I don’t cut my eyebrows at all. It’s really very difficult to do on your own. ” If you still want to “tame” eyebrows, wait until they grow, and then adjust. The main thing: do not pull off the hairs, but comb them above the top line – this way you protect yourself from the appearance of “gaps”. Eyebrows really need cropping only when curly hairs are out of shape.

Baker recommends visiting his master every four to six weeks, regardless of whether you are growing your eyebrows or making a classic correction, “there is always something to correct.”

Comb your eyebrows

Most people want eyebrows like girls on Instagram: smooth, well-groomed, in perfect shape. In real life, wide eyebrows look good, they need to be brushed by lifting the hair up and sideways, rather than combing it straight to the side. It turns out a 3D effect that works in several directions: visually narrows the face, opening it, focuses attention on the eyes and gives the eyebrows a natural shape.

Therefore, Kelly advises to have an eyebrow brush at home. It will also help out if you overdo it with corrective remedies.

First use the highlighter

Kelly drastically changed the makeup scheme: first, she puts a little highlighter on the upper bone and eyebrow “body”, and then uses pencils, tints and gels. “This is necessary in order to highlight all the problem areas that need to be worked out.” For this purpose, Baker even created her own collection of funds. For example, a set of highlighter and a brush from a star makeup artist will cost $ 48.

Calculate Force

Change the force of pressure on the pencil or brush depending on the part of the eyebrow. At the nose it should be minimal, and the tail can be drawn in full force. Fill the space with vertical movements, as if drawing new hairs – so make-up will turn out natural.

Do not rush time

“Do not forget that not all stars wake up with eyebrows like the photo,” – says Kelly. “It took some of my clients years to get this form.” The real secret is patience and time. Wait at least two or three months until the hairs grow, and then find the perfect master and get to work. “I ask the clients to give me easy to do my business. Every hair matters, and every time I do something with my eyebrows, they only get better. ”