How to lose weight after 40

How to lose weight after 40
Dieting is hard and at 20. We tell you how you can lose weight after 40 and not harm the body.

Review your diet

Nutritionists advise to abandon fried and fatty foods. Eating boiled dishes or steamed, you not only lose weight, but also reduce cholesterol in the blood. You can still bake food, but without oil and mayonnaise.

Watch out for power mode

To lose weight, not necessarily starve. It is enough to build a diet. Try to eat food every 3-4 hours in small portions. This will help maintain a metabolism that slows down with age.

Form healthy habits

Stable habit is formed for 1.5 years. Therefore, if you have firmly decided to put yourself in shape, do not let yourself be weak. Try not to miss workouts and meals, as this all can bring down a healthy regime.

Load yourself gradually

If you have not played sports for a long time, then strong physical exertion can greatly affect your health. Start with small cardio workouts, walking on a treadmill or on a stepper is perfect. Already after your body gets used to them, it is worthwhile to proceed to heavier loads.

Pay Attention to Recovery

In the dream, our body rests best, so do not forget to give it enough time. It is also not recommended to overload yourself with strength training. Experts believe that they need to alternate with calmer exercises. The process of losing weight after 40 years is complicated not only by a slow metabolism, but also by a number of other factors. Before choosing a diet or a suitable set of exercises, you should visit a doctor. With age, a person can acquire specific diseases that will interfere with the process of losing weight. The presence of hormonal disruptions, problems with the heart, blood vessels or joints can also be contraindications for a number of loads.