How to look expensive and not spend a lot of money

How to look expensive and not spend a lot of money
You do not need to be famous or rich to look like a million dollars. Everyone can look luxurious, you just need to know a few tricks.

Don’t forget about lipstick

If you do not have enough make-up artist skills and time to brightly paint your eyes every day or to glue magnificent eyelashes, then you should know that you don’t need to do makeup to look expensive. The lipstick that is right for you is a simple way to look perfect.

Invest in a basic wardrobe

Keeping up with all the trends is not only difficult, but also very expensive. Stylists are advised to buy high-quality basic things that are more expensive. Jeans with a perfect fit, a little black dress, a coat of a neutral color – things that definitely won’t go out of fashion.

Buy things out of season

It is very important to develop a strategy for when to buy seasonal items. Swimwear is always more expensive in summer, and down jackets – in winter. Avoid the temptation and save your money before the sale of seasonal collections.

Keep track of your nails

When it comes to looking expensive, it’s not always about clothes. Little things too are important. Hands are striking first. But this does not mean that you need to go to the nail salon every week. It is enough to monitor the condition of the cuticle and paint over the chipped varnish.

Add accessories

If you want to look expensive, you can focus on accessories. No, you do not need to buy a diamond necklace. Choose vintage jewelry, bags and scarves. Maybe a grandmother’s brooch was in your closet? Such a thing is perfect for any image.