How to hide figure flaws with clothes

How to hide figure flaws with clothes
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Even the reference hourglass has to waste time on the selection of clothes – not every dress fits a narrow waist, because usually clothes are sewn on a standard figure. What to say about those who are not satisfied with too wide hips or small breasts. No time to get upset! For any type of shape, you can choose profitably accentuating clothing.

Wide hips

Owners of feminine rounded thighs, it would seem, there is nothing to be shy. However, not all girls find the volume of dignity, and not the lack of a figure. In clothes we advise you to avoid light shades, shiny fabrics and complex patterns – they visually increase the hips. Choose dark colors – black, deep blue, emerald. Pants and skirts with a high waistline will bring the figure to the “hourglass” – a delineated waist will attract the attention of the opposite sex. Also, you will fit a pattern in a large vertical strip of contrasting colors – it will “stretch” the legs, making them slimmer.

Narrow Hips

For girls whose hips are not as round as we would like, you can visually enlarge them. Prefer dense fabrics and complex patterns. Jeans with appliqués on the back pockets, fashionable this season, hanging chains will add volume to the buttocks. Use Asian “weapons” – underwear with foam inserts in the buttocks – they will become rounder and more. Pleated leather skirts in combination with a denim or leather jacket will make an interesting look.

Big Breasts

If you are not shy, then emphasize the lush chest with a deep neckline during the evening exit. For everyday looks, choose tight-fitting silhouettes with under-chest grooves and a V-neck. Give up blouses with voluminous sleeves or large buttons – they will visually add a centimeter to the bust. Be careful about the selection of underwear – it should be underwired and with wide shoulder straps – such underwear will support your big breasts, lifting it up and having a piquant selection of the decollete area.