How to become a blonde and not spoil the hair

Recently, Lady Gaga’s red carpet looks especially good. Elegant outfits, discreet make-up and sleek styling. One exit at the Golden Globe – 2019 is worth it – her blue hair, the color of the dress, discussed everything.

And after a couple of weeks, she returned the usual platinum blond again and shone at the SAG Awards 2019 Awards.

As it turned out, stylist Patti Song is responsible for all the reincarnations of the star since 2009. In an interview with Allure, she told how she can not spoil her hair during all hair experiments.

“Many people make the same mistake – they start bleaching hair from the roots. Yes, this is a basic knowledge of staining. However, if you want to get not only blond but also healthy hair, forget about it. The best way to avoid uneven hair color and injury is to start dyeing from the ends and gradually move to the roots. ” According to Patti, when you apply bleach to the roots, the warmth of the scalp causes the coloring pigments to work faster, which means that it will take less time to dye the roots.