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Salon at home: reduce spending

Going to the beautician requires serious financial investments, and you can repeat many of the procedures on your own. We have compiled a whole list for you

5 mistakes in makeup that age you

Most of us don’t even think that there are some tricks for anti-aging makeup. We tell how not to do makeup, if you do not want to emphasize wrinkles and skin bumps.

How to make a botox injection

Before you start doing Botox injections, you need to examine all the pros and cons of the cosmetic procedure. First of all, it’s worth explaining what botox is.

How to become a blonde and not spoil the hair

Recently, Lady Gaga’s red carpet looks especially good. Elegant outfits, discreet make-up and sleek styling. One exit at the Golden Globe – 2019 is worth it – her blue hair, the color of the dress, discussed everything.