Top 10 Cheek Makeup Tips And Tricks

High cheekbones are a sign of true beauty. Unfortunately, this is one facial feature that we all tend to ignore while doing our makeup. The way of doing the blush or the bronzing powder can make or break the whole makeup look. It is high time that we realize how important it is to apply blush-on correctly. Some girls overdo the blush part and look like blushing clowns; there can’t be anything worse than this. Therefore, to avoid such mistakes, read on for our best tips and tricks on cheeks makeup.

Cheeks Makeup Tips

Get yourself that extra dose of beauty with the following perfect cheek makeup tips.

1. Know your skin:

Everybody has a unique skin type and tone which we need to be aware of. This helps us to choose the right blush. If you choose the right colour of blush depending upon your skin type and tone, you would have lesser chances of going wrong with the makeup. People with dry skin should use cream blush-on to add moisture and the rest of the skin types should apply powder blush-on. If you have a fair skin tone, you must be having cool undertones. Therefore, you should use mauve or pink colors. If you are dusky, medium or dark skin-toned, you must be having warmer undertones. Hence, you should use orange, cinnamon or warmer colors to highlight your cheeks.

2. Know your face contour:

Round faces: The best way to complement your round face is to start at the top of the ear and blend the blush evenly for a flawless finish. This method creates elongation and definition on an otherwise round face.

Long faces: If you have a long face shape then concentrate colour on the apples of the cheeks and finish by sweeping it up to the ear. This will create the look of more width and will even out the proportion of your features.