Do You Have Blue Eyes And Fair Skin? Here Are Few Eye Makeup Options For You!

Is your skin tone white and do you have lovely sparkling blue eyes?

Then this makeup for fair skin and blue eyes tutorial will surely be a treat for you.

But before we start here are two small tips. You must remember that Blue Eyes makeup looks go best with pastel shadow shades like mauve, purple, light blues. Colors like light brown and purples for liners go best but black is also in. Now let’s start with the look.

Makeup for Blue Eyes and Fair Skin – Two beautiful Looks

Look 1: “Purple blast”

Things you’ll need:

  • Purple or mauve eye shadow
  • Grey eye shadow
  • Silver highlighter shadow
  • Dark Brown eye liner (liquid)
  • Mascara and eye lash curler
  • Black pencil liner or dark brown pencil liner

Step 1:

Before starting with the eye makeup for blue eyes makes sure that your eyes are clean. Prime the lids first. Use concealer for dark circles and fine lines. Finish with foundation.

Step 2:

Apply purple eye shadow to the whole of the lid and the crease. Fade it towards the brow bone. Drag the same color to line even below the lower rim till the middle of the eye.

Step 3:

Blend the grayish shade into the crease. Also blend over the tailed purple shadow for a dirty purple appearance.

Step 4:

With the silver color put a dot at the nose and eye junction. Highlight the brow bone with the same.

Step 5:

Do a brown or black moderately thick lining of the upper lash line. Also do a lining of the lower rim with a black pencil liner or dark brown pencil liner.

Step 6:

You may use false lashes as per your choice. Do a heavy mascara coating for a dramatic appearance. Curl up the lashes with a lash curler.

Final Look!

I’ve shown this shadowing effect on my eyes but this is sure to rock when done on blue eyes too!