DIY Aloe Vera Soap: A Step By Step Guide To Make Soap At Home

5. It Is Anti-inflammatory

Aloe vera prohibits the activity of the cyclooxygenase pathway. It also contains C-glucosyl chromone, which is an anti-inflammatory agent (5).

Aloe vera is indeed a magic herb! Now, before you start making soaps at home, keep in mind these safety precautions.

Precautions To Take While Soap Making

  • Always Use Accurate Measurements: Because you will be dealing with essential oils and alkalis. The wrong measurements can affect the quality of the soap.
  • Always Wear Safety Goggles: It is essential to keep your eyes safe when you are dealing with liquids and chemicals. Raw soap and lye are caustic, and the fumes can harm your eyes.
  • Keep Your Skin Safe: This goes without saying! Your skin cannot tolerate exposure to the lye solution. So, it is better to wear long-sleeved clothes and gloves.
  • Prepare Your Soap In A Well-Ventilated Area: This is important because the lye solution initially gives out fumes that need to be cleared immediately. If you are working indoors, keep the windows open and switch on the exhaust fan.
  • Be Prepared To Handle Spills: You will be using oils, chemicals, and solutions. And even if you try to avoid, there will be spills. So, keep an absorbent handy.
  • Keep A Record Of The Batches You Prepare: Note down the ingredients and amounts at every step. This will help you in making the next batch. Also, make a note of what went wrong and why so that you can avoid those mistakes.

Now you are all set to make aloe vera soap at home! Try making a few and gift them to your family and friends. These make for excellent gifts! And don’t forget to share your feedback with us in the comments section below.