Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

“Is dandruff hair loss a possibility? How does one interconnect both the conditions?” These are some of the most frequently asked questions by people experiencing hair loss.

Dandruff is a chronic and most common scalp condition presented in the form of white flakes which appear on the scalp. These flakes from the superficial skin layer made of dead skin cells result in itching. Vigorous scratching ultimately leads to hair fall.

Some studies dedicated to find the link between dandruff and hair loss suggest that dandruff doesn’t cause hair loss directly; rather constant and aggressive scratching is the actual culprit behind it. As you often scratch your scalp to relieve itching, it weakens your hair roots causing your hair to fall out.

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Does Dandruff Cause Hair Loss/Baldness: Facts That Will Leave You Astounded

  • Nearly 20 out of every 50 women suffer from mechanical hair fall which is caused by the intense itching and scratching movements. Dandruff is caused by intense drying up of the scalp, and the constant urge to itch can lead to hair fall due to friction.
  • However, there is a more insidious relationship between dandruff and hair fall that you probably have no clue about. Dermatitis is the name that should get you worried. It is a scalp skin condition which causes both dandruff and hair loss and it is believed that most people, who suffer from hair loss problems, also suffer from some version or the other of dermatitis!

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  • An important fact to remember is that none of the hair loss patterns in adults are actually caused directly by dandruff. In all cases, dandruff indirectly, through trauma induced by scratching and through the production of fungal secretions, causes loss of hair. Thus this is one myth that needs to be busted.
  • Keep in mind that dandruff and hair loss, form two ends of a vicious cycle. Not only does increased production of dandruff cause hair loss, sometimes it is also the other way round.

Which Comes First: Dandruff or Hair Loss?

  • It is the proverbial egg and chicken situation. While dandruff indirectly leads to hair fall, certain chemicals in shampoos or solutions used to treat hair fall cause dandruff in return.
  • The chief culprit in this is a chemical called minoxidil which is a common ingredient in shampoos and solutions for treating hair damage.
  • It leads to flaking. Thus if you are wondering how those dandruff flakes are causing your hair to fall out, you should take a look at the contents of that follicle enriching shampoo that you have been using.

Thus, to answer the question that has been on everyone’s minds: