8 Types Of Push ups For Women And Their Benefits

6. Spiderman Pushups:

To do this pushup, start on your normal plank position and then while you raise yourself up, bring up one of your knees toward the elbow as much as you can and then push it back as you return to the initial position.

7. The Elevated Pushup:

Once you get to a position where you can do all these variations, you can do a reverse version of the counter pushup by putting your feet upon an elevated surface and doing a push up in that position. This will make your body work harder.

There are also variations such as:

8. Knuckle Pushups:

This is done on your knuckles, instead of your palms or even on just a single knuckle like in the picture.

But no matter what, if you work hard and practice again and again, soon you will be saying,

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