7 Important Meditation Tips For Beginners

6. Choose A Comfortable Meditative Posture

While Lotus or the Half-Lotus or the Vajrasana positions are recommended for meditating, you must make sure you are comfortable in them. Otherwise, it is best to choose easier alternatives.

Your posture during meditation plays a crucial role in deciding your meditation experience. Make sure you sit or stand straight and comfortably. Keep your neck and shoulders relaxed and eyes closed or semi-closed or gaze directed downwards.

7. Food Intake Before Meditation

Keep in mind that you need to be alert and focussed while you meditate. Therefore, make sure you satisfy your hunger before meditating cutting it out as a distraction.

Ideally, eat two hours before meditation so that the digestive process doesn’t cause any hindrance during your practice and also practicing right after eating can make you feel drowsy. Alcohol, smoking or any non-prescribed drugs or medication are a big NO-NO.

Now, let’s answer some common queries on meditation.

How often do I meditate in a day?

Once a day is good but if you would like to meditate more than that then meditate once in the morning and evening.

How is meditation different from regular relaxation?

Meditation is deep, profound and long-lasting. Unlike relaxation which works for the time-being, meditation keeps you energetic, calm, composed, focussed and alert for a longer time.