7 Important Meditation Tips For Beginners

You may take up meditation to calm your mind, to breathe better, improve your health, control anxiety or connect with your inner self. Whatever it is, have a clear goal before you begin to practice.

2. Choose An Ideal Time

Yes, an ideal time is critical. Make sure you choose a time that allows you to sit calmly without any distractions or noises that can disturb you.

And, practice at the same time every day so that you form a pattern and tune into it. Consistency and discipline are key here.

A disturbance-free meditation allows you to enjoy the process better and benefit the most from it. Dawn and dusk are ideal times to practice meditation for energy alignment.

3. Place Of Meditation Matters

A calm and serene place makes for an ideal spot to meditate. A slight breeze, sweet sounds of chirping birds and the swooshing of leaves only make it better.

Choose a place in your house preferably the balcony that faces trees and keeps away all gadgets from your meditation space. Or sit at a park in the early hours of the morning and meditate devoid of any disturbances.

Aromatic candles, dim lights and meditation music can make the meditation experience more soothing and pleasant.

4. The Right Clothing

Loose and comfortable cotton clothes are your best bet as they are breathable thereby getting your sweat levels down and also enable you to sit down comfortably.

Most importantly, they don’t distract you during meditation. Don’t wear any footwear as that might cause inconvenience while sitting down.

5. Warm Up Before Practice

To prepare your body mentally and physically for meditation, practicing a series of warm up exercises is necessary. Warm-ups untighten your body, make it lighter, calm it down and improve the blood circulation.

Stretch and strengthen so that you become stable, flexible and patient enough to sit down for a specified duration and meditate without feeling any discomfort.