5 white blouses that never go out of fashion

5 white blouses that never go out of fashion

Perhaps the most versatile thing in a woman’s wardrobe is a white blouse or shirt.

Perhaps the most versatile thing in a woman’s wardrobe is a white blouse or shirt. And if it is also correctly chosen, then beyond any doubt it will become irreplaceable. The main thing is to correctly determine the style. However, there are several classic models that will never go out of fashion.

Today’s society can be described as a generation of office clerks. Most of the people work long days in large corporations, where one must strictly follow not only the work schedule, but also a certain dress code. And if it is not difficult for men to dress in accordance with the established charter, then women often have to face a difficult choice – practical or beautiful, comfortable or fashionable, modest or intriguing.

Coco Chanel was sure: a real woman does not need to have many different outfits in her wardrobe. A few basic things are enough, which are ideally combined with each other.

It would be nice to add that there are some things that, in spite of all kinds of trends in the fashion industry, will never go out of style. Like the famous little black dress, snow-white blouses long ago occupied an honorable place in the alphabet of the classic wardrobe of any woman. However, in addition to the office, charming, playful, elegant and incredibly feminine blouses are great for walking with children, dating, shopping or going to the movies with friends. They are always comfortable and they fit perfectly, both with jeans and pants, and with a skirt and shorts. In addition, many blouses will look advantageous on almost any type of figure. But which styles of blouses should first pay attention to?


This style is considered to be the most popular. Of course, the main condition is a long sleeve and men’s cut (that is, without grooves or, quite simply, not fitted). Under this model is perfect as a strict trousers and loose jeans. In addition, it will look great in combination with a pleated skirt or pencil skirt. If there is still no such shirt in your closet, you should look into our “Promotional Codes” section and choose the most current models with big discounts.


This model is popular largely because of its elegance. Thanks to Bantu, she looks feminine and even romantic. In it you will appreciate, both on the protection of the thesis, and in the park on a date. The model was introduced to the fashion of Coco Chanel in the late 50s of the last century. It was also incredibly popular in the 80s of the twentieth century.


Playful and a bit frivolous at first glance may seem a blouse decorated with ruffles or a frill. However, it will be an excellent alternative to the classic shirt. Ideal with almost any style of clothing, and owners of small breasts noticeably add volume.


Original look blouses with basques. This element of the cut will give femininity to the image and effectively emphasize the waist. This style will be the perfect solution for those who want to visually enlarge the hips. The Basque first appeared in Spain, but when exactly today is hard to say. She effectively decorated the clothes of the Spanish Basques (and that is the appropriate name). For many decades, the fashion for the basque that appeared and then disappeared, finally entrenched only by the end of the eighteenth century.


A worn blouse (a negligent blouse) seems to be the most informal of all the models presented. Be careful: deep cleavage threatens to embarrass you at any time. However, there is no need to be afraid of this style. First, with the right combination, this blouse will give the image of mystery, and secondly, it is ideal for those who are very worried about the extra centimeters gained in the waist.