5 ways to whiten your teeth without leaving your home

5 ways to whiten your teeth without leaving your home

How to whiten your teeth at home without the help of a dentist? We will show you which products will make the enamel lighter

Dentists estimate that every fifth patient turns to them for teeth whitening. People are ready for anything for the Hollywood smile – no wonder they say that it is our secret weapon. On average, the cost of whitening is 8-15 thousand rubles, but not everyone is ready to give this amount. We share the traditional means of teeth whitening, which dentists approve:

Baking Soda

Surely you did not know that sodium carbonate, or simply soda, is a popular component of whitening pastes. Why pay more when there is no difference? Do not be afraid that soda spoil your teeth – it is absolutely safe when used properly. Soda particles are quite small, with low abrasiveness, so the enamel is polished gently, peeling bloom and dark stains from drinks like coffee. In pursuit of a chic smile, we recommend using a soda like this: wet the brush and dip it in a box of soda, then brush your teeth for 1-2 minutes with circular movements. Alternatively, you can mix the soda with a few drops of lemon or its essential oil and salt to make a mixture of different abrasivity. Dentists advise to carry out the procedure no more than twice a week so as not to injure the enamel.

We think that you have noticed how your nails become stronger on vacation and scratches heal faster – this is the merit of sea water. Salt is an excellent antibacterial agent and stops weak bleeding. If you regularly rinse your mouth with a weak salt solution and brush your teeth with salt once a week, you will soon notice dramatic changes. Salt will not only gently polish teeth, bleach enamel on several tones, but also strengthen gums – they will stop bleeding.

For the procedure, buy iodized salt with small grains or chop it in a coffee grinder or blender if you bought the wrong one.

You can add salt to the tooth powder you are used to – it won’t be worse.

Activated Carbon

Coal, like soda and salt, also has an antibacterial effect and polishes enamel. Buy a plate of activated carbon from the pharmacy, grind a few tablets to a powder and brush your teeth with this powder. You can pour the powder on a cotton pad and “extinguish” coal with hydrogen peroxide — wipe the enamel with this disc.

Hydrogen peroxide is a pharmacy bleaching agent and, moreover, the main component of expensive whitening strips.

Natural Acids

With fruit acids, beauticians carry out procedures for exfoliating dead skin cells, but who said that the same acidic environment does not affect the teeth? Unlike chemical compounds, natural acids are safe for your health – they are contained in foods we are used to, which we eat with pleasure every day. For example, malic acid is found not only in apples, as you have already thought, but also in grapes, apricots, raspberries, oranges, lemon, etc. Lemon acid is all citrus and conifers, berries – red currants, blueberries, cranberries. Lactic acid – all dairy products that have passed the fermentation stage: yogurt, kefir, tan, ayran, etc. Acids promote cell renewal, as they destroy the bonds between them – the body begins to actively increase the destroyed tissue by accelerated cell division. Also have an antibacterial effect – in an acidic environment, microbes die. Most often, whitening is used for strawberries and lemon – they are soft, so they can wipe the enamel.

Do not get carried away with acidic foods, consume them sparingly, otherwise you risk getting problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Base and Essential Oils

In the UK, for example, dentists advise clients to rinse their mouths with water mixed with 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil. The favorable effect on the whiteness of enamel is due to the fact that the oil, falling on the teeth, envelops the enamel, covering it with a water-repellent layer. During the consumption of coffee, tea, wine, bright berries and fruits, the coloring pigment of the products does not remain on the enamel, but along with the oil is washed into the stomach cavity. Thus, you not only get rid of the problem, but also benefit the body – the oil is rich in vitamins and can speed up digestion. We advise you to add to the recipe citrus or coniferous essential oils in the amount of 5-8 drops. They themselves accelerate whitening, as they contain the above-mentioned natural acids.

If you want your teeth to always remain white, then limit the consumption of coloring products, especially burgundy and black, and stop smoking – resin paints teeth and contributes to the rapid formation of tartar. Eat more dairy products to maintain optimal levels of calcium in the body, which helps to restore enamel and strengthen the gums.