5 signs that you can not wear a mini-skirt

5 signs that you can not wear a mini-skirt
A miniskirt is a very sexy part of a woman’s wardrobe. Men love to stare at slender female legs and beautiful silhouette. Such skirts can be tight, trapezoidal, flared or fluffy. But the mini will not work for everyone. There are categories of women for whom such an outfit is contraindicated. What are the main signs that you should not wear a mini-skirt.

Leg shape

In some girls, the shape of the legs is far from ideal. There is nothing wrong with that, but you need to correctly select clothes and create your own style. In the wardrobe of these fashionistas should not be a mini-skirt. This outfit reveals all the advantages and disadvantages on display. Therefore, if the legs are not exactly flat, then it is better to abandon the mini.


Chubby girls should not wear such clothes. In order for the mini-skirt to look attractive, not vulgar, you need to have slender legs. If the length is too short, the dense constitution will seem even larger.


After marriage, of course, you should not wear only skirts to the floor and blouses with long sleeves. But it should be understood that too short skirt will cause many questions for your half and others. It will be especially strange to look if you go to kindergarten to pick up a child or to school meetings.


Ladies aged, trying to look young, look ridiculous and ridiculous. It is clear to those around you how old you are, and challenging clothes will not take away those extra years. So women should wear elegant modern clothes.

Visible Changes

Sometimes there are symptoms of some diseases on the legs. For example, a mini-skirt does not look quite beautiful on the legs with dilated veins. There may also be traces of any injuries. They also do not decorate girlish legs. If you have such problems, it is better to hide them a little with the help of clothes, and not to show off.