5 mistakes in makeup that age you

5 mistakes in makeup that age you

Most of us don’t even think that there are some tricks for anti-aging makeup. We tell how not to do makeup, if you do not want to emphasize wrinkles and skin bumps.

You are using the wrong textures

Modern brands produce cosmetics in various textures. The foundation alone can be found in the form of a gel, mousse, powder and cushion. But not all of this can be used for any skin type. For age makeup, makeup artists advise choosing light textures that will not get clogged in pores and wrinkles. Try using a BB cream or water-based foundation.

You often powder your face

Many makeup artists recommend renewing the tone with powder, but this rule is not suitable for age makeup. Over time, our skin begins to release less fat and becomes very dry, and the powder only underlines it. If you are afraid that your makeup will not hold, fix it with a special spray.

You bring the lower eyelid with a black pencil

This way of eye makeup ages for two reasons. Firstly, your eyes look smaller, and secondly, you attract attention to wrinkles in the lower eyelid. Instead, try shading brown eye shadows or using a white and beige pencil.

You choose too dark lipstick

As we age, our lips become thinner and lose their shape. Dark colors should not be used because they make makeup heavier. Makeup artists suggest concentrating on natural colors, and creating volume using transparent glitter.

You are not doing eyebrow makeup

This is a scientific fact: with age, our eyebrows fall out and become thinner. In order to make them more voluminous, use eyebrow powder. Give them a shape with a beveled brush, and then fill them up so that they appear more voluminous.