10 Best Vitamin And Mineral Supplements For Weight Loss

Vitamin and mineral supplements are great for weight loss. If you know which ones you should take, that is. If you pop pills mindlessly without knowing what’s best for the diet and lifestyle you follow, you will never get the results you want. To help you out, I have listed the best 10 vitamin and mineral supplements for weight loss. Give this post a read to find out how vitamin and mineral supplements aid weight loss and which ones to take.

How Vitamin And Mineral Supplements Aid Weight Loss

On the surface, weight loss is a simple equation – fewer calories in and more calories out. But inside your body, there are hundreds of enzymes, reactions, biochemicals, and cells functioning non-stop to keep your metabolism, digestion, absorption, excretion, and other bodily functions active. Moreover, these functions are co-supported by micronutrients – vitamins and minerals.

The breakdown of fat requires vitamins B2, B3, and C, and metabolic reactions require minerals like magnesium. So, by acting as a cofactor to a certain enzymatic reaction in the body, vitamins and minerals play a vital role in aiding weight loss.

Now, the problem is that most of us are on an imbalanced diet. High-protein, low-carb or high-fat diets may work, but you are also depriving the body of a certain food group. And every food group has something or the other to offer, including essential micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). So, the bottom line is, you must take vitamin and mineral supplements to replenish micronutrient stores. Let’s get started with the list of vitamins and minerals for weight loss.

10 Weight Loss Supplements (Vitamins And Minerals)

1. Choline

Choline is similar to Vitamin B, and it helps to metabolize fat faster. It also prevents blocking of fat in the liver.

Natural sources of choline include wheat germ and peanuts. It is also used to increase energy and delay fatigue while doing intense training or playing sports. This is one of the most popular weight loss supplements.